New HVAC System

If you are considering a new HVAC system then it is important to consider your desired return on investment. The up-front price of your investment is important, but it is also important to consider the yearly maintenance and repair costs associated with the system you choose. Higher efficiency systems will lower your energy bills, reduce yearly maintenance costs and increase system warranty. If you have questions about the best way to find a HVAC system that suits your budget and will give you the best return on investment then contact North Shore Heating and Cooling today!

Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

North Shore Heating and Cooling offers a wide range of choices that will meet your comfort needs and your budget. Our installation techniques are the best you will ever experience. No Short Cuts, just great professional workmanship at all time.

North Shore Heating and Cooling New HVAC Installations

Our Installation begins before the proposal is made. We start by providing you with information on the different equipment and efficiency options available. We present this as an easy to understand format with no sales pressure whatsoever. Typically, we need to measure the space for the equipment and see the installation conditions. We then prepare a written estimate with all of the supporting documentation including energy usage estimates, equipment model numbers and equipment match ups. When you are ready, just call or email us. If you are going to take advantage of our financing, there will be just a little paperwork involved.

When we install your system, we protect your property including walls and floors. Our installation technicians are our employees…we never use day laborers or temporary workers. All of our stringent installation standards are performed, there are never any short cuts and all equipment and materials are brand new. We never install used materials or damaged equipment. All of our processes are designed to make sure that your system is installed properly and will provide years of comfort and trouble-free operation. Have us install your system... you’ll be glad you did!